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Brazilian Soldier Told How He Helped Capture Alien During Varginha UFO Incident

In 1996, some very strange UFO phenomena took place in Varginha, a city in Brazil, where many locals claimed to have encountered one or more extraterrestrials. This particular case received huge media coverage. As the story spread, there were reports the Brazilian military had captured two ETs, and the news was picked up by the mainstream media, including The Wall Street Journal in the U.S.

There is very little reliable information about this case, mostly only rumors and gossip. Ufologist Roger Leir was the first to reveal the bizarre details of the case. He visited Varginha shortly after the incident. Then, he published the book “UFO Crash in Brazil.”

Among the eyewitnesses who personally saw these creatures were two 14-year-old twin girls, Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva, and 22-year-old Kátia Andrade Xavier. They saw one of the creatures and, according to them, it was very thin with brown skin, big red eyes and three horns on its head, about 160 cm high, and its feet were in a V-shape. (Click here to read the full story here)

Varginha UFO Incident
UFO researcher Edison Bonaventura with Saulo José Machado, Varginha UFO Incident witness

Some time ago, UFO researcher Edison Bonaventura tracked down a man who was a low-ranking junior soldier in 1996. The man’s name is Saulo José Machado, who said that his life changed forever after he traveled with other soldiers from his base in Belo Horizonte in southeastern Brazil in Varginha for an operation, the details of which for some reason were not shared at all.

A video of this interview in Portuguese was posted on the YouTube channel “Enigmas e Mistérios” (later, this video was moved to a restricted mode).

The fact that the operation was strange was immediately suspected by the military since they were ordered to take rifles but not cartridges for them. And before they had time to land at the right place near the forest, they saw that two other soldiers were dragging some unusual creature from the woods.

“[Translation]The first thing that caught my attention was the very large head. The head is completely disproportionate to the body. And a very big red eye. And then, in those 10 or so seconds that I had to observe it, I noticed that it was quite oily. Dark, a reddish more iron-colored, but very oily, and a weird smell that reminded me of acetone.”

In the video interview, Machado showed his drawing of the creature he had seen. His description of the creature’s appearance matched with the description that was previously known from the Silva sisters. They said that the creature was small in stature, with a large head, large red eyes, a thin body, with only two toes, and brownish skin.

The mother of the girls said that when she came to the place where her children had seen this creature, she immediately felt a strong smell of ammonia. According to rumors, about two days after the first creature was captured, the second such being was discovered. There were also reports of soldiers visiting the UFO crash site and taking the wreckage with them.

Some people claimed that the two injured “creatures” were first taken to a medical facility before they were taken away by the military. Ufologist Edison Bonaventure considers Saulo José Machado to be a credible military witness in what could be described as the analogue of the Roswell incident in Brazil.

Regarding the official reaction of the local authorities to the spreading rumors about the crash of UFOs and aliens, the Brazilian authorities said that the Silva sisters had seen a sick homeless person, and the military had been simply practicing on schedule. When asked what kind of strange creatures were with the military in the hospital, the answer was that they had been dwarf people. But the locals certainly did not believe that.

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