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This Is Not An Alien UFO From Outer Space, This Is Actually a TopSecret Anti-Gravity Plane Called TR-3B

It refers to a craft using highly pressurized Mercury propelled by nuclear power to make plasma. The plasma creates an anti-gravity zone around the craft. The motive power system contains an electromagnetic coil that produces an electromagnetic drive. This interacts with the Higgs Boson field at quantum level. It’s fascinating!

Instead of using a conventional turbine or rocket engine, antigravity planes use a propulsion mechanism that creates thrust by producing high-energy plasma. These planes can also be called ‘Flux Liner’.

Antigravity technology, as with many other aviation technologies can be traced back in the aftermath and late stages of World War II. Operation Paperclip’s goal was to give the United States as much leverage over the Soviet Union as possible in the war on military weapons technology. This is why it was packed to the rafters by Nazi-affiliated German specialists. This implies that the United States has spent more than 70 year researching anti-gravity technologies. It is the culmination many ideas about gravity, general relativity and quantum gravity.Scientists and the military are both interested in anti-gravity because it is theoretically possible for an aircraft to be reduced to zero mass by using electromagnetic propulsion. It is not surprising that NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the US Air Force have engaged in the theoretical research necessary to determine the possibility of altering inert mass. Analysts believe that the TR-3B Black Manta would use conventional thrusters at its tips to perform dizzying high-speed maneuvers. There are many features that can be used, including perfect right-angle turning and rapid acceleration. It could do it with all three of the axes.


The TR-3B was designed to be a subsonic stealthy surveillance plane. The aircraft is quite quiet and produces only a small humming sound. Plasma from the TR-3B has the unique effect of drastically reducing the aircraft’s radar signal. This makes it ideal for stealth missions.

Therefore, the TR-3B Black Manta can fly into any country’s national airspace without being detected by their air traffic control and air defense systems. This black number is linked to sightings of triangular aircraft flying above Antelope Valley in Southern California, which is popular among UFO enthusiasts. This desert area in California is close to several military research and testing facilities. It attracts people interested in clandestine black projects, or “black operations aircraft” projects. Edwards Air Force Base, USAF Plant 42 are both located only 60 miles (97km) from Los Angeles. The US Air Force should be grateful to its lucky stars for UFO enthusiasts, extraterrestrial spacecraft lovers, and other people who are interested in them. Popular Mechanics reports that most claims of UFOs with black triangles were probably covert military aircraft. The TR-3B Black Manta project would be undoubtedly a standard black operation project for the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.The U2 spy aircraft from the 1950s, SR-71 fighter jet from the 1980s and the F-117A stealthcraft today are just three examples. They were all secretly created at Nevada’s notorious Area 51 station. It is important to remember that Area 51 was not officially confirmed by the US government until June 2013, after a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), received eight years ago. But is it real? However, some claim that the TR-3B is a military invention that was reverse-engineered from alien technology. Forbes magazine speculated 2021 that patents granted Salvatore Cezar Pais might be a cover for extraterrestrial technologies acquired over the years by the US Military. How’s the TR-3B Black Manta? Is it possible to determine how far back it has gone, if any? Does it have anything to do with the 2018 patent granted by Pais and the United States Navy previously mentioned? Is it an airplane, a bird, Superman? The US Air Force is simply playing with our minds again.


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