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Obama Was Requested by a NASA Astronaut For Assistance With Alien Disclosure

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John Podesta, a former adviser to President Obama, and NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell were arranging a meeting to discuss sharing official knowledge about extraterrestrial life (ETI). A June 25, 2014, email that was posted on Wikileaks claims to have been sent.

The astronaut from Apollo 14 emailed the president of the United States to request a meeting.

He believed it was time for the administration to reveal its knowledge of alien intelligence. “As we enter the second half of 2014, there is a greater demand for alien disclosure. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and quick reply to my email, wrote Edgar.

Edgar held a meeting in Geneva on July 4, 2014, with Pamela Hamamoto, a close friend of former President Obama.

Since some scientists and others are calling for moon colonization because of what they perceive is happening on Earth, Edgar wrote, “While in Geneva I will also speak at the UN and the European Space Agency regarding why we must move forward with disclosure and specific programs such as manned moon missions.” What was meant by “lunar colonization owing to what they feel is happening on Earth” in Edgar’s statement?

Edgar Dean Mitchell was a NASA astronaut, United States Navy officer, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, and ufologist. He became the sixth person to walk on the moon as the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14 and spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands.

The Vatican is one of more than 20 nations that have made secret documentation about alien encounters on Earth available.

Even the best astronomers at the Vatican Observatory, such as Father Jose Funes and Brother Guy Consolmagno, who have met with Pope Francis, have openly acknowledged that it is entirely possible that God created OTHER sentient species, making them our “brothers.”

“We collaborate with certain ETI from a nearby universe. According to the Vatican, they are completely obedient to God and peaceful.

The director of Quantrek’s ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force requested a meeting with John Podesta in Washington, DC on October 1, 2014, on behalf of Edgar D. Mitchell, to discuss Disclosure and zero point energy, in another email that was posted on Wikileaks.

In order for mankind to transition away from the usage of fossil fuels, scientists at CERN and other locations across the world have started to examine the relationship with alien intelligence.

The letters that were leaked show how many individuals want the world to know the truth about extraterrestrial life. It’s obvious that someone wants to stop this from happening.

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