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Archaeologists Have Made Shocking Discovery Under Their Heads On Easter Island!



As if what we’ve discovered so far weren’t enough, the new discoveries on Easter Island are truly incredible! The giant-headed statues in themselves have always intrigued the scientific community, as they were too heavy to be carried by humans centuries ago, and even today would be complicated with all the modern machinery. But when they decided to dig under those heads, the mystery only got bigger! Since the discovery of the island, we always thought it was just the heads, however, out of sight and buried were also the bodies, making these statues authentic colossuses!

Easter Island is one of the most remote and deserted islands in the world, located over 2000 miles off the coast of Chile. The “Moai”, which until now were thought to be just heads, were built by a people named “Rapa Nui” (there is a movie that portrays this, with the title “Rapa Nui”, it is worth seeing) somewhere between 1250 and 1500 CE.

According to the researchers, the largest of the 887 “Moai” is over 10 meters tall and weighs over 82 tons. Another one of these statues, if complete, would be about 25 meters tall and weigh 270 tons! Built from 1 single stone, it is still a mystery how they managed to transport them to the coast, and put them on high!

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