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Ecuador Shows Skeletons Of An Ancient Race Of Giants 7 Times Larger Than The Average Human

Chưa phân loại

Carlos Miguel Vaca Alvarado, from the parish of Changaiminas, Ecuador, has always been interested in archeology, which led him to discover a series of several giant human skeletons. The bones were found in the Amazonian mountains at a height of 7 meters.

Several scholars have researched seven skeletal segments thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that these pieces are part of a human skeleton seven times larger than a typical modern human.

According to legend, this area was once known as “the graveyard of the gods” and was inhabited by giants. Experts believe this site to be the Lost City of Giants, as many pyramids have been discovered, with a height of 80 meters and a width of 80 meters.

At about the same time, objects carved in stone, probably used for excavations, were found near the pyramids. According to historians, this area belonged to an unknown and mysterious pre-Incan culture.

We can deduce that giants inhabited all parts of the world, therefore, various evidences of giant fossils have been found across the globe, as was the case in Romania a few years ago.


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