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Living Among Us And Working On Their Plan To Control The Human Race Are Alien Hybrids.

The idea that aliens live among us and manipulate us at every turn has already been discussed on numerous occasions in the past.

Reptilians are thought to be the species most likely to be involved in such a scheme, although it’s possible that it’s far more intricate than that.

Most theorists nowadays agree over the fact that humanity is a slave to another race. We are controlled by different factions of aliens, each choosing a different territory to adhere to, making us the most lucrative slaves in the history of the world.

In order to make these hybrids, the aliens need to first abduct the mothers, impregnate them artificially with their own DNA, and then wait to see if the baby is compatible or not.

Most of the time the baby either passes away or rejects the alien DNA altogether, but, if it does work, that one in a thousand is officially a spy working for them whether they like it or not.

These aliens have two messages for us: “Soon we will all be together” and “Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place”.

What do you think of this following video, depicting this idea altogether?


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