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In An English Basement, Our Mysterious, Legendary Bodies Have Been Discovered.

While demolishing a house in 2006 to make way for a new real estate project, a team of workers discovered tons of sealed wooden crates in the basement.

The construction workers rejoiced, thinking they had discovered a hidden treasure, but when they uncovered the craters, they discovered the mummies of many unusual animals, many of whom resembled fairies and dwarfs from popular British mythology.

The home’s owner was Thomas Theodor Merrylin, a biologist, crypto-naturalist, and Xeno-archeologist who was born in Hellingshire, North England, in 1782.

In addition to his strange collection of creatures, he is renowned for his apparent lifespan of 160 years. Eyewitnesses reported that Theodor appeared to be 80 years old but dressed like a 40-year-old, which attracted more attention than his unusual animal collection.

The Merrylin Cryptid Assortment was the identify of his odd creature assortment. Throughout his lifetime, Theodor traveled to the USA to point out his assortment to an even bigger viewers.

His collection of exotic species initially aroused people’s curiosity, but due to the world’s narrow viewpoint, other cryptozoologists and naturalists branded him a charlatan.

During his stay in the United States, he made a number of friends among mathematicians and high biologists who found his collection of unusual creatures as well as his scientific theories about time travel, physics, and chemistry fascinating.

His logbook was found with the unusual animals. He wrote the esoteric notions of quantum mechanics in his diary, ideas that had not but surfaced in physics on the time.

His American associates have urged him to publish his analysis on time journey and quantum mechanics.

He was called a charlatan because his ideas were too advanced for the time, and his life started to fall apart. Another rare species collector accused him of stealing.

He was quickly forgotten, and it wasn’t until 1942 that someone claiming to be Theodor donated a building to a London orphanage with the one stipulation that it not be opened in the cellar that anyone learned anything about him.

It was supposed that this individual was related to Theodor because he appeared to be 45 years old. After that, no one else ever heard from him again.

If we look at how lengthy a person lives as of late, we might deduce that the man in 1942 was not Theodore, who was born in 1782 and would have been 160 years previous on the time.

His diary mentions an merchandise known as Alabaster, which possesses anti-aging results, in accordance with the journal. Sadly, no such object has been recognized within the craters positioned in his basement.

Is it potential that Theodor found the youth elixir? What about his fantastic creatures assortment?

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