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Alien Spaceship Leaves The Sun And Leaves A Huge Trail Of Plasma (VIDEO)

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A stunning capture of a CME ejecting from the Sun and spreading out to reveal a possible alien spacecraft that appears to emerge from the sun leaving a huge trail of plasma behind it was captured by NASA’s Lasco C2 satellite on November 9, 2020.

Alien spaceship leaves the Sun and leaves a huge trail of plasma

An alien spaceship rising from the Sun?

A curiosity about this capture made by the satellite is that it seems that the shield of the alien spaceship is still glowing with the enormous heat that is given off before being launched into space.

Alien spaceship leaves the Sun and leaves a huge trail of plasma

Although NASA scientists will probably say it was just a normal burst of the sun’s magnetic field called a coronal mass ejection, this apparition, which clearly flies through the solar flare, is more likely to be a UFO that has used the sun. for some reason.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.
NASA’s EIT 304 satellite captured a massive supposedly alien spacecraft that precisely appeared to either exit or bend to be transported elsewhere in the Galaxy.
The images show what two spacecraft look like close to the sun, in which one of them enters the curvature above the sun.

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