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Unexplained Triangular Structure Spotted In South Of Greenland Using Satellite Images

Conspirators re-examined satellite photos and discovered a strange anomaly to the south of the Danish island. There was an odd triangular-like form or structure.

These rock canals, according to the author, were extended by someone, and each channel is 15 kilometers long. Who knows for certain who did it? Perhaps aliens?

Maybe some relics from a long-forgotten civilization? Ufologists and conspiracy theorists are always concocting incredible and outlandish theories.

Just so you know, the coordinates of this mysterious structure or invention are 63o41’00.7″N 50o27’57.2″W.

Whatever the reason for this occurrence, it is impossible not to be awestruck by this natural or man-made marvel. It’s bad we won’t be able to get a closer look, but that’s OK.

Hopefully, someone will investigate this further and respond to all of our inquiries.

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