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Huge Crater Has Recently Opened In Arctic Tundra

A Vesti Yamal TV team made the find of a lifetime not long ago when they arrived upon what seems to be the planet’s biggest crater.

They were caught off guard by this since they weren’t aiming to go there in the first place but were just returning from another duty along the way.

To say the least, the giant cylindrical crater was a sight to see, and they rapidly spread the news enough for a team of scientists to visit.

This group ended up inspecting the whole region, revealing that the crater was around 50 meters deep and produced solely by natural processes.

The buildup of methane gas inside pockets of melting permafrost under the northern tundra caused this crater, as did most others. This combination is particularly hazardous since it causes a massive explosion, resulting in the formation of a crater overnight.

This is the biggest crater ever found, according to Every Chuvilin, the lead researcher at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky said that after being given the number seventeen, this specific crater would most likely be used to attempt to identify these craters before they grow in order to avoid any more deaths caused by these explosions.

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