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Pentagon Insider Claim That “Anunnaki Alien Gods Are Returning To Our Planet”


The Anunnaki are returning to Earth, according to a Pentagon source. The Sumerian gods, according to Stan Deyo, are on their way to our earth.

The comets Ison and Encke are linked to the Anunnaki. With two well-known celestial objects, it’s understandable to question why these two comets were given such distinct names.

The name “on” is associated with the Anunnaki and one of their primary leaders, Anu (pronounced “on”).

Encke, sometimes known as Ea, was a Sumerian deity (this is why our planet would be called Earth). Enki was the god of craftsmanship, mischief, water, intellect, and creation, among other things.

However, since there are no stars or planets in that part of the sky, many individuals have reported seeing a series of irregularities in the sky that we can only interpret as UFOs. Moreover, according to some accounts, these UFOs change color and size.

If those comets are Anunnaki spacecraft, it’s only natural that the government would keep the fact that these creatures are approaching our planet hidden.

They just serve to keep us uninformed, allowing us to assume that we are alone in the universe, by doing so.



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