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Here It Is! Scientists Tested White Hair For DNA And Finally Proved That Alien Beings Are Visiting Earth

Because of this remarkable knowledge obtained via scientific research, there is only one thought on my mind: “what’s next.”

In 1992, this occurrence occurred in Sydney, Australia. Extraterrestrials visited Earth, notably two extraterrestrial ladies who visited a man named Peter Currie in Sydney, Australia in 1992, and the one with the blonde hair pointed to her tummy before indicating up towards space with her other hand. He went looking for proof the following morning and discovered the hair, which he presented to specialists.

As they say, the next chapter in history. Nobody on Earth has hair like a fishing line, and yes, it’s 100 percent hair! This is what places it in the Extraterrestrial Entity category. Simply watch the mind-blowing video to realize that things have been kept hidden from us.

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