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The ISS “recorded” a giant UFO very close to Earth (Video)

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The cameras that were installed on the International Space Station sang countless things that could not be explained. Although space agencies want to make a logical sense of this, the truth is that these events raised suspicions around the world. Now, the ISS has captured a giant object passing very close to Earth.

The ISS, first and foremost, should be of great use to the world’s space agencies. A laboratory and workplace in space was a utopia a few years ago.

However, it also caused major headaches thanks to its cameras and everything it recorded. Now, they’ve captured a giant object very close to Earth .

Giant object is seen by the ISS

During a live recording of the ISS, they showed something that immediately caught the attention of researchers and theorists. And as expected, NASA wasted no time in interrupting the transmission again.

The video clearly shows how a huge celestial body appeared before the transmission was interrupted.

Theorists don’t know if it’s a reflection of a planet or if a spacecraft is currently inside the Solar System. But what really caused intrigue is the proximity to Earth by space measurements .

This mysterious unknown object entered the camera angle when the ISS flew over South America at 10:30 am on May 22, 2018.

An alien invasion?

Quickly, the live stream was cut off, only to resume after the anomaly left the field of view of the International Space Station’s cameras.

Of course, this is not the Moon and, judging by the available pictures, the object is located in Earth’s orbit or just a little further away than our satellite. Or if it is further away, it is clear that it is moving directly towards Earth.

But if its dimensions are really gigantic, to the point of being confused with a planet, what is this anomaly really?

Nothing has been said about it yet and theorists don’t know what to say about it. The object was not seen again, however, they do not rule out that it is a possible mothership, could it be a future invasion?

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