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Aerospace Engineer Claims UFO Videos Cover Up Something Very Sinister

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“Pentagon UFO videos were released to prepare the public for a fake alien invasion,” claimed an aerospace engineer and conspiracy theorist.

Mike Bara is a New York Times bestselling writer, speaker, and television personality.

He began his writing career after spending over 25 years as a designer/engineering consultant for large aerospace companies, where he became a full member of the military/industrial complex.

His books are devoted to conspiracy theories about UFOs and aliens, and he now claims that the videos filmed by the Navy show nothing exceptional and were leaked to the public with rather sinister ulterior motives.

“I am an aerospace engineer who has spent 25 years working in the industry and I know the capabilities of aircraft and instrumentation. I’m a big fan of aviation and I know everything in the sky,” Bara said in an interview with The Sun.

“I was on many, many different shows, some were military, some were commercial.”

“So when I look at these videos, I see a few things, first, everything I can see is working conventionally – everything was below 25,000 feet, everything was traveling at subsonic speeds, everything was traveling in a straight line – ».

“There is nothing exceptional about any of these videos. For example, there’s Tic Tac , where when they say ‘Look, it’s speeding off the screen’, that’s not what happens.”

“There’s a little instrument indication on the screen that is the zoom factor and what’s happening is you’re zooming in from one, which is the normal focal length of the lens, to the zoom factor of two,” he continued.

“What actually happens is they zoom in and the object zooms in and out of the side of the screen.”

“The object isn’t moving and that’s very obvious to anyone who knows what they’re looking at, but they pass ‘oh, the object leaves the screen’ and then they cut right away.”

“Seeing this, I am immediately detecting an air of disappointment in these videos.”

“And they’ve been verified, in essence, by the Pentagon, which means the military wants you to think they might be alien craft. My question is, why do they want this?

Bara thinks the answer may be that the government wants people to believe that aliens pose a threat.

false invasion

“There are a lot of rumors in the UFO community. There’s a rumor going around about Project Blue Beam, which is the idea of ​​a fake alien invasion to be used as an excuse to basically take control of governments, liberties and rights,” the theorist said.

“If the government says ‘We’re being invaded by aliens’ and they have really good visual technology that could project all sorts of ‘ Independence Day ‘ scenes into the skies, it might not be real, it might just be holographic projections. but that ability exists.” ».

“It would be like, ‘Oh God, we’re being invaded by aliens, everyone stay home, we’re going to take care of you and fight the aliens,’” ​​he concluded.

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