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“They are not Drones”: the Navy shows video of a UFO entering the water

A video that appears to show a UFO disappearing into the water near US Navy warships contradicts the official version that these objects are drones.

Filmmaker and researcher Jeremy Corbell, who was the only civilian named during the May congressional hearing, obtained and released six videos of unidentified aerial phenomena that were confirmed by the Pentagon.

Only one of those six pieces was shown during the historic public hearing, and Scott Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence, said he was “reasonably certain” the objects were drones.

But Corbell does not agree and stated this in a recent interview with The Sun. “These objects hovered at 21,000 feet for over four hours and flew at speeds of 158 mph (138 knots), according to documents released by the Navy,” he said.

“UFOs are real and remain a bigger national security issue than we knew.”

And while the debate has revolved around whether the objects were drones or UFOs, videos published by the researcher appear to show at least one of these unidentified people disappearing into the sea.

“This is crucial, because it shows that these technologically advanced ships of unknown origin can challenge the principles of endurance,” emphasized Corbell.

“It was understood that they disappeared in the water, which led to the hypothesis that these objects are transmedia; that is, they have the ability to traverse space, air, or sea without destruction, apparently defying the known laws of inertia,” he continued.

“Our greatest aerospace capabilities require thermal protection. This change in the middle is so dramatic that our ship can barely resist.”

“However, these advanced craft we know as UFOs seem immune to our understanding of the inertial effect. For example, moving faster than the speed of sound without generating a sonic boom.”

gravitational propulsion

Corbell, who has a plethora of sources, said this ability “leads our military to believe they are gravitationally driven.”

This means that they “appear to envelop their ship in gravitational distortion to allow true transmedia capability beyond what our military or any technologically advanced nation has been able to demonstrate in theater of war or otherwise.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee passed a bill last month that specifically mentions “unidentified aerospace-underwater phenomena,” lending more credence to that theory.

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