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In 1986, in Argentina, a UFO burned a hill, sucked the insides of insects and took chlorophyll from a tree.

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(ORDO NEWS) — This very strange case took place in Argentina in 1986 and is practically unknown in the world of ufology, however, Spanish-speaking researchers have documented quite a lot of material on this case.

It all started on the night of January 9, 1986 on a small farm, which was located near the hills of the Sierra del Paharillo. Esperanza Gomez, her sister Sarah, and her grandson Gabriel Gomez were at the farm that night.

At about 10:00 pm, they were sitting and playing cards when dona Esperanza suddenly thought she heard a car approaching the farm, and, concentrating on this sound, she interrupted the game of cards and got up from the table.

Then all three saw how a powerful red light entered their house through the windows and doors. Going to the window, they saw an intense red light moving back and forth across the Pajarillo hills, and a few seconds later they saw something emitting this red light fly over their farm, hitting a large willow that grew about 10 meters from the house . Then the red light disappeared and everything became quiet and calm.

The next day, Esperanza left the house and noticed that the willow had changed the green color of the foliage, now all the leaves were reddish in color. And after a while the leaves just as quickly turned yellow. It looked as if the tree had been doused with some kind of acid.

The next morning, Doña Esperanza’s son Manuel Gómez was returning from a night’s work and driving to the farm when he suddenly noticed a strange black spot on the southeast slope of Pajarillo Hill.

He told his family about this, and the next day Manuel and his son Gabriel Gomez set off in that direction to inspect the unusual spot.

When they arrived at the site, it appeared to be a spontaneous fire, but the men immediately knew something was wrong when they examined the burnt grass. For some reason, the grass was burned only from above and completely undamaged from below, which was very different from the picture of an ordinary forest fire.

In a matter of days, the story of the strange red light coming from the UFO and the unusual fire spread widely among the local population and soon reached Mayor Diego Cesa, who was friends with the Gomez family and immediately sent a research team to the fire site. Dona Esperanza told them everything she had seen that night, including the damaged willow tree.

The photo below shows Gabriel Gomez painting in the wet sand a round flying object that he saw in the night sky. This group also visited the site of the fire and inspected everything that was there. And that was just the beginning.

When articles about the incident got into the media, journalists and various scientists began to come to the house of dona Esperanza en masse. Just at this time, the affected willow began to shed its leaves, “as if something had accelerated its biological time,” eyewitnesses said.

Samples were taken of the bark and leaves of the willow and the trees growing near it, which were then sent to a laboratory in Buenos Aires, where they studied them and came to the conclusion that chlorophyll was somehow extracted from the tree.

This was confirmed by an attempt to wet the leaves, which proved impossible. By the way, when this willow completely shed all its leaves, then after a while it again overgrown with leaves, normal and green, as if nothing had happened. Further more.

Other materials, dead insects, soil samples, stones and ashes, were collected from the fire site and near the willow, and they also showed very strange results. For example, some stones have changed their color, becoming much darker on the upper side.

Surprising features were found in insects collected at the site of the fire: externally, the bodies of insects looked completely intact, but inside they were completely empty: it seemed that something had sucked out all their insides.

The same thing happened with the remains of a small frog found in the same scorched circle. Outwardly, she looked completely unharmed, as if she had literally just died.

Her skin showed no signs of having been exposed to high temperatures. Inside, all her organs were missing, like insects. All this was very strange, but did not allow any logical conclusions to be drawn, except for the impact of UFOs, so the whole story very quickly disappeared from the pages of the newspapers.

A year and a half later, in August 1987, a large forest fire (a real one) broke out in this region, which devastated all the hills of the Sierra del Pajarillo. And the only place that the fire bypassed was the very area that was affected by the UFO!

This already seemed to the locals a real witchcraft. Moreover, a few days after the big fire, a certain Jorge Suarez specially came to this “enchanted” place, along with journalist Fernando Gabriel, and checked whether the grass was burning there.

The grass inside the oval easily caught fire from an ordinary lighter, so the theory that a UFO treated this place with something non-combustible did not materialize.

In 1989, Spanish engineer Fernando Ximénez del Oso and his team arrived at the site and found that their precision equipment had strange interference that interfered with its operation.

According to del Oso, the UFO probably “fixed” some unknown energy in the earth, which, like the effect of a bell, protected this earth from fire, and it also created interference.

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