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This Tuesday, Congress held the first public hearing on UFOs. However, the ridiculous amount of red tape required for the final declassification has forced officials to say that there is some kind of “secret organization” that wants to hide it.

The Pentagon and other intelligence agencies are fighting internally over how much information to share , officials said. Ensuring that there is a kind of “secret society” that does not want the truth to come to light.

This is due to the pressure that Congress has put on officials to create a “UFO office” that investigates UAPs.

Secret society hiding the truth?
There is a kind of competition within the national security bureaucracy that makes it difficult for Congress to compel military branches, spy agencies, national laboratories, and other organizations to assist in declassification .

An official from the Department of Defense has published anonymously that it is difficult to discover companies and programs that have information on UFOs .

“There has to be something that holds people accountable but also gives them a chance to come out clean over a period of time.”

He also said that the Pentagon Oversight group has been obstructed on this information.

He mentioned that there is a kind of “secret society”, so to speak, with knowledge about these phenomena that keeps “very important” information hidden.

Christopher Mellon , a former top Pentagon intelligence official who was pressured by Congress to take “more aggressive” action. He openly said that the Biden administration appears to be treating the new initiative like “a small office” that just does paperwork.

“There remains a large gap between the intent of Congress and the actions of the Pentagon.”
He testified in a public appeal to the panel last Friday. He also asked who had the urgent mission to get to the bottom of the UAPs and what they were doing about it.

The bigger question, however, is whether the Pentagon is being fully transparent with Congress. Mellon discovered “another faction” of the military and intelligence agencies. Faction that takes the issue very seriously and protects your data.

“They make a fetish of their secret society. It’s kind of a Skull and Bones kind of vibe. They take it seriously, but they are not accountable to anyone. To nobody. There is a whole group of us who are very knowledgeable about this issue, much of which has not been reported to Congress for security reasons.”

Learn more about UAPs

The Pentagon, through spokeswoman Susan Gough , turned down several requests to discuss the progress of the Pentagon-led office, including who would be assigned, from which agencies and how Congress is carrying out the mandate.

The first thing to be found, experts say, is new ways to force government agencies and staff to be more forthcoming with Congress .

For example, legislators and staff have discussed taking new steps to encourage people with important information to come forward. Based on 4 current and former officials, and a couple of congressional staffers.

The UAP coalition raised the possibility that Congress should push through legislation that would allow personnel who have signed confidentiality agreements, or been ordered not to speak about an incident, not to disclose classified information publicly .

Only with credible and verifiable data in the UAP reports, then and now, is it possible to use modern technology to fully analyze the phenomena.

Only with credible and verified data in the UAP reports and now, can modern technology be used to fully analyze the phenomena, according to experts.

One of the most interested in this is Avi Loeb , who is eager to involve the Galileo Project team in the investigation and detailed analysis of the data obtained from the UAPs. As long as the government shares them.

The hearing, for some, has been a complete success despite what some panelists have mentioned. However, the road ahead is still long and more work needs to be done to uncover the truth.

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