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UFO the Size of a Country (2000 Miles Long) Has Been Filmed in Space, Retired Army Command Sergeant Says

Even the most skeptic of observers have been shocked by information that brave whistleblowers have revealed over the course of our culture’s fascination with UFOs and aliens, especially when one considers the implications for what it might mean about humans and our place in this vast, expanding solar system.

One of them is Bob Dean, a former Army Command Sergeant Major who spent 28 years in the service before leaving to pursue a career in UFOlogy. Bob Dean has spoken with many of the top experts in the subject and revealed facts that just could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Dean has frequently discussed how individuals are indoctrinated to participate in the numerous “dumb games” that governments want them to play, including through television and internet use, continuing to lead sedentary lives, and failing to challenge the status quo.

One of Dean’s most amazing discoveries is a specific sighting that was initially reported back in 1980 and that extends far into space. He said that the discovery of a similar item 29 years later has shaken the fundamental underpinnings of our understanding of UFOs, extraterrestrial spacecraft, and everything in between.

Leaked Images From Russian Space Program Shown Country-Sized UFO According to Dean, as quoted by the website, the revelation in question involves what may be the largest UFO ever caught on camera: a 2,000 miles-long, 500 miles-in-diameter purported alien spacecraft that was first spotted in 1980.

Surprisingly enough, the item was said to have been observed close to Saturn’s rings. It was subsequently spotted again by the Cassini probe in 2009, which noted the oddity of a similar object that was allegedly “directed by intelligence” and has the “energy” of an extraterrestrial vessel.

The hair-raising encounters that have captured the interest of UFO enthusiasts around the nation are described by Dean in the video below as being “all over the freaking place,” “in our midst,” and “our family.”

Dean says, “Some of them are pleasant and some of them are not, but hybridization is also a significant project being done by several distinct sorts of extraterrestrial entities.”

Can you picture the technology in a civilization that can make an object 2,000 miles long and 500 miles in diameter?, he asks in the movie as he displays “an artificially manufactured object roughly 2,000 miles in circumference.”

He continues by noting that the item also dislodged a Russian craft that was included in a slideshow.

The former Army sergeant claims in the video that the Soviets attempted to land on Mars’ moon Phobos, but “someone came along and said you’re not going to do that,” potentially hinting to the hostile character of certain alien species, including those in the “nation sized” vehicle previously stated.

Artificial moons, nuclear weapons, and NASA cover-ups
Is NASA hiding what’s going on in deep space, including reports of enormous spacecraft the size of entire countries, claims of man-made moons, and even the potential for nuclear explosions by their inexperienced spacecraft for research?

In the video, Dean claims that one NASA-funded vehicle, the Apollo-13, really received instructions to perhaps explode an onboard nuclear bomb on Phobos’ surface. Dean stated that Phobos is almost probably an artificial moon with a hollowed-out center.

Such a detonation was performed in order to investigate any aftereffects the nuclear explosion could have.

Dean finishes his address by saying, “…the ‘Others’ stated you’re not going to accomplish it.”

Dean continues by describing “The Mother,” which appears to be flanked by disc-shaped UFOs as well, as being the most astonishing craft of them.

For more information, including on the “country-sized UFO” that has been wreaking havoc in outer space for decades, see the video below.

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