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A Small Town In Japan Has Become A World Center For UFOs

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The small Japanese town of Iino, located on Mount Senganmori (Fukushima Prefecture), has become a place of pilgrimage for ufologists and UFO lovers.

Local resident Yuichi Aso, who is fond of ufology, told reporters about the magnetic anomaly that exists on the mountain due to the peculiarities of geological rocks.

Aso believes that aliens are more active in the Senganmori region precisely because of the existence of a magnetic anomaly – the ufologist suggested that the aliens use the anomaly for practical purposes, for example, to recharge their interstellar spaceships.

There is indeed a magnetic anomaly in the Senganmori area – journalists were convinced of this with a simple test using a compass. The device loses its functionality and stops showing where is north and where is south.

The inhabitants of Iino organized a museum dedicated to contacts with hypothetical representatives of alien civilizations.

Interestingly, the inhabitants of Iino are not at all afraid of aliens and are ready to make contact with them.

“We will definitely make friends with aliens. I believe that unidentified flying objects can revive our small town and turn it into a world center of ufology,” Yuichi Aso added.

Stories of UFO sightings and close encounters with otherworldly guests have been circulating in the city for several decades – so much so that UFO statues can be found on all the streets, and even the city’s official mascot – a small white alien piloting a golden flying saucer.

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