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British bought a radar station to hunt for UFOs

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William Sachity, a millionaire from the UK, has bought an old air force base and is going to use its radar installation to start hunting for UFOs.

The former Neatishead military base is located in Norwich. Its area reaches more than 20 square kilometers. It is here that the millionaire is going to test his own development – a system of cars that work offline.

Kar-Go is used for delivery. At the same time, an AMES Type 84 radar installation is located in this area. It was used during the Cold War to fix nuclear missiles.

So that such an expensive “gift” does not just stand there, the millionaire consulted with social network users about why he should use the radar.

“I will try to repair it and if people want to hunt UFOs, we will hunt UFOs.

If that’s what the people want, then who am I to judge them. My dear hobby will be searching for UFOs,” Sachiti joked.

The millionaire noted that it could take several years to fully restore the radar.

For the first time the territory of the old base was put up for sale in 2010. Then the cost of the site reached 4 million pounds. To date, there is no information regarding how much the millionaire paid for his new “toy”.

Sachiti was born in Zimbabwe. When he was 17 years old, he moved to live in the UK. Quite quickly, he managed to achieve significant success in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Kar-go is developing self-driving vehicles that are used to deliver small loads. Sachiti’s venture could soon become a great competitor to companies like Tesla and Google.

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