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Various videos and photos of UFOs have been posted on social media, with the authors claiming to have seen the strange objects in the sky.

We discussed Jeremy Corbell and the leak of a video by the US Navy a few days ago. And we recently discussed the incredible sighting of a triangular craft emerging from the moon.

We now have something unusual and very clear in front of us. If they were “alien ships,” this means they aren’t hiding from anything, given that the footage was shot on September 18, 2013, allegedly east of Wittenberg, Germany.

When we look at terrestrial ships in the shape of a triangle, such as the TR3-B, we can see that they contain unknown technology, which can be noticed and seen in a fragment of the recording.

Are we dealing with something real? Although this is from 2013, such as the persecution of an object similar to the ‘tic tak’ of Puerto Rico, the dates are irrelevant; what matters is that the truth is known.

Two ships similar to the TR-3B can be seen in the filming at first, an incredible display of high technology never seen before, by the dexterity with which they perform.

If this is real, it is without a doubt the best UFO recording we have ever seen.

The comments on this recording range from the speed of one of the ships, which they say cannot be human, to the possibility that it is a drone.

Is this, however, the shape of a drone? That is the crucial question. What are we up against? Is this a genuine 2013 photo or a forgery?

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