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US Navy Releases Videos of ‘Mysterious UFO Swarms’

The Navy has released videos taken during a series of events that occurred around its ships sailing off California in 2019.

Last week, The War Zone reported a significant update to its ongoing investigation into a bizarre series of drone swarm incidents that occurred near US Navy vessels off the coast of Southern California in 2019. .

A new release of documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provided a greater level of detail about what happened during the incidents (more details HERE).

The documents we received last week referenced video files included in the reports, five of which were obtained today from the Navy.

Two of the videos were taken from the USS Russell (DDG-59), a destroyer that has been of particular interest due to leaked videos of the incident released last year.

The unusual appearance of the objects in the videos led to widespread speculation that they were “pyramid” shaped U̳F̳O̳s.

At a recent congressional hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray explained that “the triangular appearance is the result of light passing through night vision goggles and then being recorded by a SLR camera\’.

Independent civilian investigators were quick to make similar assessments when the videos leaked in 2021.

While Bray\’s testimony and additional documentation have made it clear that these objects were drones, exactly who was operating them is unknown.

The videos offer a very limited and controlled look at what happened during these incidents. As unclassified products, they do not necessarily contain all of the information captured by the Navy.

Certainly, the Navy ships involved house some of the most advanced sensors in the world, including radar, electronic surveillance, sonar, and electro-optical/infrared types, which can record multiple types of high-fidelity data.

Although these videos will not necessarily answer all the questions that still surround these incidents—and perhaps show something explainable in some attempt to extrapolate to a less explainable phenomenon—they do constitute yet another piece of the puzzle.

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