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Spectacular UFO sighting in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

This spectacular U̳F̳O̳ sighting was documented by Mr. Felipe Souza, in the city of Campo Grande, located a few kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. The event took place on the morning of October 4th, 2015 when Felipe was on his way to the market with his partner. The same witness was able to record two videos and post it all (into a movie) on his YouTube channel. Here is Felipe’s story after the sighting:

“When I arrived at the market, I saw this strange object in the still air and so I immediately started recording a video with my cell phone. It was shaped like a disk, but in its circle it seemed to have the spikes, like it was prickly, in then before our eyes it morphed into a more rounded shape and began to move slowly.”

“I was so intrigued by what I was seeing – Felipe comments – I decided to follow the object with my car, so you could see where it was going. I followed the mysterious object to the entrance of a large forest reserve located in the west of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was then that I made the second video, as the U̳F̳O̳ started to fly in the forest, then disappeared.”

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