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The mysterious “Flying Discs” seen during World War II

Many people are unaware that during World War II, those involved witnessed strange “Flying Discs” flying over the battlefield.

Los misteriosos «Discos Voladores» vistos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Foo Fighters was the most common way to describe the strange objects seen in the skies during World War II. However, few know that others who were known as Flying Discs also appeared.

Frisbees during the war
An internal bulletin of 115 Squadron of the British Royal Air Force, from the latter part of the Second World War, has accounts of strange sightings by the British as well as Americans.

During the air raids in Germany, these appeared on certain occasions. The newspaper explains that on December 11, the United States made a daytime excursion to Emden. The weather was clear and the visibility perfect.

However, an unidentifiable item was detected. It was the size of a Thunderbolt and flew 45 to 70 meters below the formation.

It then rose straight and level at amazing speeds, leaving a vapor trail that lingered for a long time. The object moved so fast no one understood what it was.

“Serious…suggestions…on what this Emden Loch Ness Monster might have been are welcome.”

Another event occurred when one of the attacking planes was hit by a wire that went through the fuselage. This caused the pump door to open. The cable could have been launched from a nearby fighter that launched an assault on the bomber, or it could be related to a parachute triggered by the projectile. Although no one saw one.

The cable is currently being examined in the hope of understanding what caused the accident.

Several reports of silver and red flying discs were made over the formations in another attack, on Bremen. These were observed before, but no one could figure out what they did.

Official documents

Los misteriosos «Discos Voladores» vistos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial

A document sent by Colonel Kingman Douglas, to the Royal Air Force Intelligence Wing Commander Smith, and to the British Air Ministry Wing Commander, stated the following:

“Addendum to Schweinfurt mission intelligence report, October 16, 1943. A partially unexploded 20mm shell bearing the following digits, 19K43, was found on the cockpit panel of A/C number 412, according to Group 306. The steel of the shell, according to the Group Ordinance Officer, is of poor quality. Near Schweinfurt, Group 348 reports a group of disks in the path of the formation; no E/A [Author\’s note: Enemy Aircraft] at the moment.

The discs were characterized as being silver in color, one inch thick, and three inches in diameter [again, emphasis mine]. They were floating in a fairly regular pattern. A/C 026 was unable to avoid them and its right wing slammed into the group, causing little damage to the aircraft\’s engines or surface. One of the disks [again…] hit the tail assembly, but there was no explosion.

A quantity of black debris in groups of 3 by 4 feet about twenty feet from these discs [and one more]. Two more air conditioners were also seen flying through silver discs with no apparent damage. I saw disks [the last one] and debris two more times, but I couldn\’t figure out where it came from.”

These are just 2 of the different WWII documents that reference Flying Discs. Several years before the British government coined the term in 1947.

The first U̳F̳O̳s recorded by the United States
These Flying Discs were characterized as being only a few inches in size in some declassified files. However, in other records, the pilots claimed that they were several meters in diameter, becoming larger than their planes.

Although different names are used, it should be noted that they are U̳F̳O̳s. Only that this term was used for the first time 2 months after the encounter with Kenneth Arnold, on June 24, 1947.

Los misteriosos «Discos Voladores» vistos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial

The document is dated August 1947 and comes from the United States Air Transport Command Weekly Intelligence Summary.

“Unidentified flying objects have been sighted by 3 enlisted Soldiers from the 147th Airborne Communications Services Squadron at Harmon Field, Guam.”

It is not the first time that U̳F̳O̳s have been reported during World War II. Currently, the “Flying Discs” continue to appear, but are now known as UAPs.

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