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Man Discovered Massive Ancient Underwater Geoglyphs Using a Drone

A shocking discovery appears to have been made by a man named Rob Antill, who apparently found a massive geoglyph in January 2013.

He was testing out his new $500 DJI Phantom drone when he came across the following underwater geoglyph that he believed predated the lake.

This discovery was made over Lake Kootenay outside of Nelson, North Carolina, and as you can see, he referred to them as A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ spirals created by our prehistoric ancestors.

The only problem with his finding is the fact that as water rises and falls in general, this may just be another case of a location having too much time on its hands.

Right now, the entire geoglyph is completely submerged, so experts can\’t even inspect it on their own to be sure how old it really is, but unfortunately the general consensus is that it\’s not that old to begin with. that locals don\’t even remember dating back to 5-10 years ago to begin with.

But rest assured that this isn\’t the only geoglyph in the area, as the following 89-meter stone circle was also recently discovered at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Can Rob really prove the fact that his own discovery is old enough to deserve enough attention, or will this all become just another forgotten mistake as it often does?

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