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A Man Noticed A Mysterious Monolith In The Sky Near Utah

After the first monolith was found in Utah a few weeks ago, they began to appear in various parts of the world. Now some kind of monolithic object was allegedly noticed even in the sky.

Jeff Jacobs was driving home on Monday and on the way decided to stop to photograph a very beautiful sunset. Suddenly, the man noticed something that threw him into a real shock. He said that suddenly a mysterious object appeared in the sky.

It froze for a few seconds and then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Jeff couldn’t figure out what exactly appeared in front of him. A huge black rectangular figure appeared in the sky, reaching about 10 feet in height.

Jeff admitted that he did not understand what appeared in front of him. He added that he was sure that it was definitely not a weather balloon. Perhaps no one will know what Jeff actually saw, but netizens have a wide variety of theories after he posted the pictures on his Facebook page.

Some users suggested that an a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ portal could open for a few seconds, through which they get to Earth. A few more users added that in Utah, the monolith disappeared without a trace, and what appeared in the sky resembles it very much. Various versions have been proposed, but most of them look like real nonsense.

The mystery continues.

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