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Mirror Project: You can see the future with ALIEN technology

Looking Glass, is one of the top secret US projects, the truth is often presented before our eyes through cinema”, at least thinks conspiracy theory researcher David Wilcock.

For David Wilcock , Hollywood has given certain signs that make us think that filmmakers know a lot of things we don’t. Things like, for example, that the United States has extraterrestrial high tech to look forward to.

What is the Mysterious Looking Glass Project?
According to David Wilcock, this device must be gigantic, and of course it will be hidden in underground areas, which will be composed mainly of a barrel covered by rings, which will be rotating in different directions, managing to create the amplification of our pineal gland, that is, we will be developing our third eye.

David Wilcock states that what we call the third eye, is what allows us to see the future, in fact, we always had it, but with the impossibility of being able to develop it, sometimes it can be activated, managing to observe things that others cannot. to see. Likewise, this vision can happen during sleep, where we have revealing dreams. According to the aforementioned conspiracy theorist (who also appears in some episodes of the History Channel series “Ancestral Aliens”), such machinery would be an extension of our pineal gland or also known esoterically as the “Third Eye”.

Third Eye

How can the mirror be used?
The researcher claims that it mimics the functioning of the pineal gland as follows: When activated, the rings rotate around each other in different directions, forming a shield and protecting the water inside the barrel, which is like the pineal gland. The water inside reverses the dimension of spacetime, passing into spacetime which then captures the argon gas. It captures images and produces a large sphere of light which is contained by the rings that are around it and which are used to contain the energy field. The creation of this huge project takes place through inverse extraterrestrial technology, managing to imitate the functioning of the pineal gland, this they do as follows:

First of all, the person must be inserted inside the huge barrel, preferably seated, these huge rings mentioned above, each one will start to rotate irregularly, which will form a shield and protect the water it contains.

The Futuristic Visions
David Wilcock says that those who operated the Mirror knew that there is not a single space-time line, but several. It’s what quantum physicists know as “Parallel Universes”, which are similar to each other, but with minor differences. This is why not all views are homogeneous. In certain lines (realities) certain events occur that in others do not. In those that were successful, according to Wilcock, having similar views, was politics. He believes that George W. Bush could be elected President of the United States because he had inside information obtained by the Spyglass project.

The severity of using this machine
According to David Wilcock at the time of being able to have a view beyond December 21, 2012, the whole image was blurred, which was something that alarmed him a lot, because for that same date the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world, also in Em 2009 was released the 2012 movie, where everything indicated that the end of the world was near, but as we see, were predictions that failed. In statements in an interview given in 2007 to “Project Camelot”, it was known that this technology was not only used by the United States, but also that other countries made use of it.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this, do you think the US has already used this project? Or maybe he saved it for a special occasion. Let us know your opinion.


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