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Alien portal? Mysterious circle of smoke appears in the sky and scares residents

Bizarre sighting caught the attention of everyone in the region

This strange ring has previously appeared in places like Siberia and the United States. The latest registration took place in the UK and sent residents of Yorkshire into a frenzy. But what is it anyway?

The act was recorded in the vicinity of the M62 highway by the couple by Kimberley Robinson and Danny Cooper, who was passing by the place by car. She said: “Me and my boyfriend were driving and we noticed a black flying ring in the sky”

Kimberley stated, as you can see in the image, that the circle was giving off smoke. She says scared: “It was the strangest thing I\’ve ever seen”, she told the British Daily Mail

However, firefighters stated that there were absolutely no reports of fire in the region.

The police even raised the hypothesis that it was some smoke caused by fireworks. But those who saw the scene dispute this possibility. “It was smoky, yes, but the shape was like a very solid ring,” they say.

This circle was photographed and filmed from different angles. “We\’ve never seen anything like it before and nobody knows what it is,” Kimberley said.

Others believe the sighting is clear evidence of an a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ presence or portal to another dimension.

Numerous theories about U̳F̳O̳s are being analyzed by experts, as it is possible to realize that there doesn\’t seem to be anything on earth that is causing the smoke to rise.

And there? What do you think it really is?

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