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The researcher claims that: «Alien contact will happen soon and will come from water, not air»

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It is said that a few weeks before the publication of the Pentagon report, a series of shocking data predicted the possibility that UFOs did not come precisely from space, but from our own planet, more precisely from the depths of the oceans. stated that alien contact with the world population will occur soon, and that it will come from the ocean and not from space. Should we focus on the oceans and not the stars? Unidentified flying object (UFO) expert Gary Heseltine believes that equipment prepared for extraterrestrial contact should include diving suits and special submarines.
Heseltine, vice president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), said in a statement:

“UFOs are often seen moving in and out of the water, so suspect that in our oceans and deeper trenches they may have alien bases. It sounds crazy, but if you think about it, we only know 5% of the ocean, we know more about the surface of the Moon or Mars than we do about the depth of our oceans, so it seems to me that this could explain why. they regularly see UFOs coming in and out of the water. ”
ICER is a new non-profit organization made up of leading scientists, academics and UFO researchers from 27 countries whose mission is to prepare people for psychological change once contact with extraterrestrial beings is established.

Veteran documentary filmmaker and UFO enthusiast Jeremy Corbell has posted shocking footage of what the Pentagon has called a “transmedia vehicle”, which is seen drifting in and out of the ocean without sustaining any damage. According to Corbell, the footage was captured by the Navy off the coast of San Diego in July 2019.
A dark spherical object, seen through an infrared camera, is shown flying over the ocean and then disappearing into the water. A voice in the background can be heard saying “splattered” as the object disappears. Corbell released the footage on May 15, the Department of Defense confirmed that the video was recorded by military personnel. The video has been submitted for review by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), a task force created in 2020 to gain insight into the nature and origins of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).), the term government preference for UFOs.

The military’s assertion that the UFO seen by Navy personnel is a transmedia vehicle gives rise to the theory that it may have come from an underwater base. The Pentagon uses the term “transmedia vehicle” to refer to an unidentified craft that moves through multiple media, such as air, water, or a vacuum.

Heseltine also linked the increasing number of UFO sightings by the military to nuclear energy. Heseltine said:

“There is a huge correlation between UFOs seen near nuclear facilities, whether it’s nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, nuclear weapons storage areas, power plants. This seems to indicate that it’s like they’re saying ‘we don’t like nukes’. Maybe they’ll realize that we can destroy this beautiful planet. If you think about it, if there is a Third World War and we make all the water toxic, it would affect your habitat. So I think there is a correlation with water.”
He has devoted his entire life to UFO research to support all of his theories and claims. In 2002, while still a duty officer, he created the Police Reporting UFO Sightings Database (PRUFOS), a national database of UFO sightings for officers of different forces. For the past 75 years, US military intelligence and senior staff have reported UFOs in the vicinity of locations associated with nuclear energy, weapons, and technology, from early development of atomic bombs and test sites, to active nuclear naval fleets.

According to Robert Hastings, author of the book “Ufos and Nukes”, sightings of adjacent nuclear areas date back decades. Hastings interviewed more than 160 veterans who have witnessed mysterious objects and spectacles in the skies around nuclear sites.

Hastings said:

“There are objects identified by radar that operate at speeds that no object on the planet can do. They were seen by military personnel and jet pilots.”

Witnesses to these incidents are usually highly trained employees with the highest security clearances. In recent years, their reports have been supported by sophisticated technology. In late 1948, “green fireballs” were reported in the skies near the atomic laboratories at Los Alamos and Sandia, New Mexico. Where the atomic bomb was first developed and tested.

The “flying saucers” measuring nearly 15 meters in diameter near the Los Alamos labs were mentioned in a declassified FBI document dating from the 1950s.
Journalist George Knapp, who has studied the UFO-nuclear connection for more than 30 years, interviewed more than a dozen workers at the Nevada desert atomic test site, where dozens of atomic bombs were detonated in the years leading up to World War II. . He said most agreed that UFO activity was common there.

In the 1960s and 1970s, repeated UFO sightings surfaced at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, a nuclear-tipped Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) storage site.

In late December 1980, air traffic controllers found something alarming near Royal Air Force Bentwaters in England. Used by the US Air Force. as a European foothold during the Cold War. Bentwaters housed a secret nuclear weapons cache in 25 fortified underground bunkers. Ivan Barker, a US Air Force air traffic controller working that night, said he and his two colleagues spotted an object with significantly greater speed and maneuverability than is known. On radar, the object traveled 193 kilometers in a matter of seconds.
“It had to move Mach 5, 6, 7 or 8 faster than anything that isn’t possibly a missile.”

There are many testimonies, including from civilians and commercial sailors who witnessed luminous objects or orbs coming in and out. This is a long-standing phenomenon, but often kept secret or only in conversations between family members or close friends, due to fear of ridicule. The deepest depths of the ocean would be the perfect hiding place for an intelligent civilization to lay its foundations, why? humans hardly get there and it is free of any interference. We may have to look more at the ocean than at the stars.

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