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Does the Moon have a population of over 250 million humanoid aliens? Former CIA Pilot Says Yes

Alien & UFO

Former CIA pilot John Lear believed that the Moon is, in fact, habitable and that it already has a population of over 250 million people. As soon as the comment got out, conspiracy theorists around the world went wild.

He described how he discovered unusual formations on the surface of the moons and also presented a series of photographs to back up his claims. However, he is not the first to make such a claim, as many amateur scientists have said that a hologram image has been seen on the surface of the Moon in the past.

Most conspiracy theorists claim that aliens are currently present on the Moon, so this hologram could potentially be our way of confirming it. We can see Lear taking pictures of what appears to be an observatory on the Moon in 1947 during the official interview with him.

This appears to be very devastating, as a massive cataclysmic occurrence occurred northwest of Endymion Crater in the past. The Moon is now said to be 40 million years old, having been built during the Ice Age 40 million years ago. In nature, the occupants of the Moon are humanoid aliens, and the Grays are among them. The world, on the other hand, is a prison for our species, from which we will never be freed.

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