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Alien & UFO

The Vietnam War took place from 1955 to 1975, the date on which the United States sent its troops to an area near the border between Cambodia and North Vietnam. Where they say they have fought with aliens.

Specifically in 1972. The US sent a special team of American soldiers. To tong Li Sap, Cambodia, in order to destroy its facilities in North Vietnam. Operation that also maintained secret communication with the South Vietnamese army.

Pruebas de Intervención Extraterrestre en la Guerra de Vietnam

Evidence of Extraterrestrial Intervention in the Vietnam War
There the special operation (Swat) was installed in a camp overnight in order to attack the North Vietnamese team. As it became clearer, the United States special forces were stealthily approaching the Vietnamese base, but what they saw was terrifying. The US military had discovered a huge spherical ship that rested on three metal supports. So the platoon leader decided to give the order to withdraw the troops from him, when suddenly a group of humanoid beings appeared.

Militar De EE. UU. Vio A Extraterrestres Grises Que Ponían Cuerpos Humanos Muertos En Un Contenedor Durante La Guerra De Vietnam

After the US troops saw those creatures they realized they were gray aliens. Same as they manipulated a kind of batteries in the human bodies that they had under their power. The aliens placed the bodies and parts of them in containers, perhaps in order to do some experiment or take the bodies.

So the US special forces were furious and the commander gave the order to open fire. The bullets did not harm the aliens, except for one that had been intercepted in the head. What made the aliens respond to the attacks managing to kill several soldiers and others seriously. The aliens quickly boarded their ship and rushed into the sky.

CIA Eliminates Evidence of Alien Intervention in Vietnam
According to data from the intelligence department when the troops that were in Vietnam called the base to report what happened. A CIA team arrived at the scene and injected a kind of substance into the survivors that altered their minds so that they would forget that battle.

But after some time some survivors began to have vague memories of what happened in that place. In 1980, two of the members of the SWAT intelligence team began to have nightmares related to what happened in the Vietnam War. Precisely with the night of April 1972, the date on which they had faced the aliens.

recuperaciones de accidentes, el santuario interior 1991
Leonard H. Stringfield published his story in his book in 1991. with the names of the fighters under anonymity

Later, the soldiers tried to contact other soldiers who had participated in that mission, and decided to tell their story of what happened to the researcher and ufologist Leonard Stringfield in 1988. He later published his story in his 1991 book known as (Recovery of the Incident UFOs The Inner Sanctuary.

Other events that occurred during the Vietnam War are also mentioned by the pilot and Air Force General George S. Brown, who said he saw UFOs flying over the area. And the war veteran George Filer III, who claimed to have seen flying machines of extraterrestrial origin that move three times faster than the aircraft of the United States air force.

veterano de guerra George Filer III,
War veteran George Filer III, who claimed to have seen flying machines of extraterrestrial origin during the Vietnam War

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