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Aliens From Andromeda Told US Army Personnel That Humans Are Composite Of 22 Different E.T. Races

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Alex Collier is a notable outsider contactee who professes to have been in touch with outsiders from the heavenly body Andromeda for more than 30 years. Numerous excursions to extraterrestrial spaceships and many years of clairvoyant correspondence were important for their experience. Alex is considered reasonable by some notable UFO aficionados, essentially on the grounds that he endeavors to hand-off however much data as could be expected from his collaborations with the Andromedans.

Visas and Mornay, two andromedas, were said to have mentored Collier. Those Andromedans, he said, are relatives of the old Lyrans. He was taken installed the Andromedans’ space apparatus, which incorporated a colossal space craft where he had been preparing for quite some time. He found out about infinite supernatural quality, life in the universe, and Earth’s cosmic past from the Andromedans.

As indicated by Alex Collier, his first gathering with the Andromedans happened in 1964. He has been inconsistent and industrious in contact with them beginning around 1985. He started going to workshops in 1993 when he started to share the information he got from the outsiders with the overall population. In 1997, he got a danger from obscure people who requested that he stop spreading the material. He approached it in a serious way and expressed nothing about it until 2002.

In a few meetings, Collier guaranteed Earth as being under the territory of “backward” extraterrestrial outsiders. Those outsiders showed up on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star framework. As per him, humankind is separated into two philosophical conviction frameworks. One conveys love and opportunity of decision, while the other shows control and asset use.

Collier said in his last talk prior to resigning from the UFO address circuit in 2002 that the antiquated extraterrestrial species known as the “Originators” is answerable for making the air of planets and making them favorable forever. This antiquated extraterrestrial race as the “Paa Tal” by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

He even asserted that the outsiders could eliminate moons to deal with the amount of radiation by changing the planet’s area comparative with its sun. Andromedans are supposed to be equipped for shaping a planetary group.

As far as innovation, the Andromedans are around 4,300 to 4,500 years in front of us, as indicated by Collier. They don’t work out a long time similarly we do on Earth, 365 days. As indicated by a few extraterrestrials, one year is the time it takes for each cell in their body to duplicate itself, which requires around 34 years.

People, as per Collier, are comprised of 22 extraterrestrial societies.

In one of his papers, Dr. Michael E. Salla, a notable teacher in global governmental issues, compromise, and U.S. international strategy, attested that outsiders from different universes and civilizations coincide calmly on Earth. Then again, people are brutes and savages who address a danger to even themselves, as indicated by outsiders.

In a letter dated July 2009, Collier composed:

“Dr. Salla’s endeavors to unite humankind and comprehend the expansive picture will affect mankind.” I likewise trust Dr. Salla’s uprightness is undeniable.”

As indicated by Collier, the planets in the eight closest worlds to us have a populace of around 135 billion individuals. He likewise said that when he visited one of those decent universes, the occupants were alarmed to experience an Earthling because of our unfortunate standing. No one but people could subjugate and kill their kin for their benefit in the whole universe.

In a 1994 meeting, he said that the heavenly body Lyra is the wellspring of all human life. He noticed that the Andromeda outsiders were human-like in each way. They remained somewhere in the range of 4 and 8 feet tall and had white and blue skin.

He likewise examined the missing kids, the approaching New World Order, the impact of abhorrent powers on world governmental issues, the presence of Reptilian outsiders, our beliefs, and the Earth’s and Universe’s past.

He composed two books during the 1990s: “Safeguarding Sacred Ground” and “Letters From Andromeda.” He was additionally prompted not to take any awards from his work.

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