The Weirdest Paranormal Phenomenon in the World: «The Ghostly Faces»

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Belmez de la Moraleda, in Spain, is one of those essential destinations for lovers of the paranormal.

The fame of the small town of Jaén has spread around the world since 1971, a neighbor, María Gómez, claimed to have discovered a mysterious face on the floor of her kitchen. I wouldn\’t be the only one…

Faced with the strangeness of what was happening, he immediately informed his family and neighbors who, in turn, transmitted the news to the other inhabitants of the city.

People commented that it was a “manifestation” of Christ. Despite the beneficial interpretation, the family decided to get rid of him by destroying him.

In the month of September of that same year a new figure appears in his house. This time they decide to keep it, extracting it from the place where it came from and protecting it with glass, in the form of a painting.

Shortly after, the faces multiplied on the floors and walls of the house, and the number of tourists and onlookers at the place of the events increased.

To obtain definitive results, the researcher Germán de Argumosa requested that the “room of faces” be closed for some time to verify the evolution of the phenomenon.

No one entered the kitchen during the three months she was subjected to the experiment. Huelma\’s notary Antonio Fernández Luque (1972) was in charge of drawing up the proceedings.

It was found that 16 new faces appeared in this period, and so it was found. This exceeded the limits of tolerance of the regime, which threatened with a letter to the mayor urging him to end it, as to consent to this was “not to be a follower of the Franco regime”.

Years later, Enigmas magazine, directed by Fernando Jiménez del Oso, brought the mysterious faces to light again. The curious returned again, and the house, once again, opened its doors to lovers of parapsychological events.

María Gómez, suffering from asthma, stoically endured the continuous avalanche of visitors. It was even said that it was he who generated it, with the strength of his mind.

However, after the de̳a̳t̳h̳ of Dona María, some faces were preserved, although it seems that the phenomenon is slowly disappearing, and as María commented, that “she would take the faces when she died” became a reality.

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