UFO Dragged A Train In Russia For More Than 1 Hour?

Alien & UFO

Locomotive driver Sergei Orlov and his assistant V. Mironov reported seeing an unidentified ball-shaped object moving parallel to the train’s motion. At some point, the “ball” hurled in front of the locomotive, forcing the driver to brake sharply. But nothing happened.

Orlov and Mironov reported that the train kept moving despite their many attempts to stop it or at least slow it down. It felt like something was pulling him forward.

According to witnesses, the UFO had a perfect geometric shape and was about four meters in diameter. Furthermore, he moved in complete silence.
When the train was due to enter the next station, Orlov contacted the station attendant and tried to describe what was happening. According to his affidavit, he saw two objects flying in front of the train: one was a luminous ball and in front of it was a classic disc-shaped UFO, which apparently went unnoticed by the drivers due to the ball of light.

Passing through two stations, the train continued to be pulled by an inexplicable force until, at some point, the supposed ball went flying and did not return. It was then that Orlov and Mironov were able to stop him completely.

Reports claim that the train saved around 300 kilograms of fuel over the course of the UFO incident. Orlov and Mironov apparently completely stopped the machine as it was dragged along by the mysterious force.

The drivers’ testimonies were later confirmed by graphs from recorders on the LEFT of the locomotive. So far, there is still no explanation for the incident.

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