They Warn that HAARP may be Manifesting “Dark Forces” in the Atmosphere

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Could HAARP have electromagnetic and spiritual power? Several researchers have exposed that HAARP could be invoking so-called “air demons”, described in ancient texts. They would be negative spirits from another dimension that would live high in the atmosphere, invisible to the human eye. There is also a mysterious art project that HAARP is using to send images and sounds around the world. It was called Ghosts in the Blaze of Air.

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program, located in Alaska, USA. It contains a powerful high frequency radio transmitter with the ability to modify the electromagnetic properties of the ionosphere. The project was closed in 2014, but reopened in 2015 with the change of owner.

HAARP radio broadcast antennas. Credit: Secoy, A/Wikimedia commons.
It is this ability to “modify” the ionosphere that has spawned concerns and conspiracy theories about the use of HAARP in weather manipulation and as a directed energy weapon.
HAARP, Electromagnetism and Demons in the Upper Atmosphere
On the spiritual side, a demonic and satanic character was found to be related to HAARP’s electromagnetic powers over the atmosphere. There is a caveat: HAARP can be a vehicle for the manifestation of demons or negative spirits that would inhabit the air.

RichieFromBoston cites current geoengineering projects such as the science project to block the Sun (the goal is to control the Earth’s temperature). There is also the China Artificial Sun project. From an esoteric-religious point of view, these geoengineering projects are considered part of a satanic conspiracy to manipulate God’s natural creation and affect humanity in a spiritual and energetic way.
Satanic audiovisual art project through HAARP?
In 2019, a mysterious art project was carried out that uses HAARP. The project is called Ghosts in the glow of Air. It is very interesting but it was also seen as sinister: the project speaks of “artificial auroras”, of “bright spots” in the sky with images and audio messages. The messages speak of military investigation, conspiracy theories and also cryptic messages like “spy cameras from the sky and a mysterious box in the forest”.

In alternative media, it was exposed that the world elite of the Illuminati would be revealing their satanic rituals through art projects. The artist Marina Abramović is the most emblematic case of this with an extreme type of performance art and with violent images of a religious ritual type.

Left: figurine of Pazuzu, Sumerian air demon. Right: illustration of air demons in The Temptation of Saint Anthony. Credit: PHGCOM / Wikimedia commons.
In ancient literature, the Devil and demons were called “air powers” or “air spirits”:
“They followed the bad example of the people of this world and obeyed the mighty spirit in the air that governs evil spirits and dominates people who disobey God. — Ephesians 2:2.
Esoteric writer Rosemary Ellen Guiley spoke about these aerial spirits in her book Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology:

“Air spirits are ruled by 31 princes who are aligned with dots on a compass. They can be summoned by heading to the compass position.

Abstract image of a fire demon. Credit: doomchev / Pixabay.
There are also other eye-catching references to HAARP and demons like this article called: “Demons Playing the Screeching Harps of Their Haunted Apocalypse” and this one called: “Angels Do Not Play This Harp (HAARP).” The following video also shows that HAARP and chemtrails work to facilitate the entry of Demons through artificially affecting the atmosphere (creating portals?)
My conclusion:

Maybe the reader doesn’t believe in these religious connections, but you have to think that these demons would be invisible (and from another dimension). Is HAARP facilitating the physical manifestation of these spirits? And that art project… will it be part of a satanic ritual by the world’s elite? There are other videos (like this one below) that show demonic faces in the clouds. It could be pareidolia but the formations are too far apart for an absolute review.

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