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The Moon, a satellite full of anomalies. Could the aliens have something to do with it?

A Lua is a satellite that has been orbiting our planet since forever. However, it wasn\’t until the first trips to the Moon that humanity really began to notice this. After these initial approaches, rumors about a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ settlements raged uncontrollably. Many of them may be unfounded, but are they all of them?

the beginning of the myth
All these speculations started after the Apollo XI mission mentioned on July 19, 1969. During the process of its moon landing, NASA received an unexpected and disturbing call.

In it, astronomers outside the institution claimed to have captured LTP signals near a crater. The name of this one is Aristarchus and this style of sign has been associated with the existence of life forms.

A subject Armstrong never wanted to talk about
Because of this call, the renowned astronaut approached one of the ship\’s windows. From there, he was able to observe the aforementioned crater in his field of view.

From his own words at the time, we can say that he commented that this seemed to have a particular fluorescence. However, in none of his subsequent interviews was Armstrong willing to comment on his sightings.

After the Apollo missions, many came to believe that the secrets of this star would be discovered. However, the reality is that the samples found and returned to Earth did not offer the expected answers. In fact, they only contributed to declaring the Moon a sterile and lifeless celestial body. However, this statement conflicts with the multiple indications that have been observed over the years.

The Moon, a celestial body or an a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ base?
Today we know that the gravitational balance between our planet and the Moon is surprisingly fragile. Theories suggest that this star was at some point trapped by Earth and remains so.

The Moon, a celestial body or an alien base?

With this statement, the most fertile minds do not stop generating theories about it. In fact, there are currently extensive literature projects dedicated to this topic. In them, science and science fiction mix and give strength to a new mystery. Could the moon be an a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ base? or maybe it was. Tell us in the comments what you think about it.

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