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aliens? “GOLDEN BLOOD” Only 40 people in the world have this strange type of blood

A, B, AB and O are the letters that help us to know what types of proteins cover the red blood cells, this presence or absence of antigens defines if you are positive or negative, that is, if your blood lacks a protein that most people do, is considered rare or, in this case, Rh null.

A very rare blood type was discovered in the world. And this type of blood is called AB, which only a part of the population has. Rhnull (Rh null) is a curious type of blood that does not have any type of antigen, that is, a specific type of protein that coats red blood cells and is so rare that only 40 people in the world have so-called “golden blood”.

What do you think of the studies on this strange Golden Blood?
However, this has raised doubts as to whether he can be considered as the golden blood. Since then, it is known as the least common blood type in the population. With the large number of blood combinations that can be formed from all existing blood types, AB blood is believed to be the rarest.


According to studies carried out by medical students at Stanford University, this blood is only possessed by less than 1% of the population.

Apparently AB Gold blood can be difficult for its bearers
The theory was generated about the existence of golden blood in the body of some human beings. During 2014, the case of the man with the blood of gold was featured in the news.

This case was considered quite peculiar due to the characteristics that the blood of this individual had.
And the most relevant of its characteristics was the lack of an antigen which, moreover, is the most common one found in the blood.

During 1961, the discovery of this blood deficiency was made in more than forty people.
However, this fact affected differently in each case.
For he saved some patients with this pathology, while harming others.

Antigens are a special code in the red blood cells of every human being.

And so, it is necessary to have them to be able to decipher the type of blood that each person has.

However, with the absence of these antigens in the so-called “golden blood”, it was much more difficult to understand blood.

Golden blood is much harder to understand
Therefore, it was very dangerous for a person with this condition to need blood transfusions.
Because your body would reject all the antigens found in blood types.
And you would have to find someone else without antigens to transfuse.

An effect that can be harmful to the body

For people with this blood type, finding a donor is nearly impossible.

Therefore, it can be harmful for the body to have blood of this type, since only less than 1% of the population had it.
And that could make this pathology a great risk for patients.


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