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“The Black Alien”, Anthony Loffredo’s stunning transformation

Alien & UFO

A Frenchman covered his body with tattoos and made several modifications to his face and head with the intention of looking like a Black Alien.

Anthony Loffredo

It’s about 32-year-old Anthony Loffredo, who wants to see himself as a “black alien.” During a recent Q&A on his Instagram account, quoted by Mirror, Loffredo said he has trouble speaking after having part of his upper lip removed in surgery.

As part of his “dark alien project”, the subject split his tongue in half, removed part of his nose and removed his ears. In addition, subcutaneous implants were placed in his face and head and his entire body was covered with tattoos, including his eyeballs, reports RT.

The dream of the “Black Alien”
Loffredo pointed out that he underwent surgery to remove his nose in Spain, as this practice is banned in France. The “alien” now dreams of removing its skin and replacing it with metal, as well as modifying its arms, legs, fingers and the back of its neck.

Despite his unusual appearance, the man says he has no problem attracting people of the opposite sex. On his Instagram account, he claims to be “the happiest in the world”.

In 2017, Loffredo told the French press that from a very young age he was passionate about the mutations and transformations of the human body and that he felt he was not living the life he wanted.

“I had a click when I was security. I realized that I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to. I left everything at 24 and went to Australia,” the man recalls.

As for mutations, he says: “I did all that in four years, but I could have done so much more.”


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