An ancient alien spaceship crashed on Venus?

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According to some ufology fans, an “ancient crashed alien craft” on Venus was captured by the Magellan spacecraft, launched by NASA in 1989.

The probe, whose purpose was to study its surface and obtain detailed information, arrived at the planet in August 1990. However, the US space agency lost contact with Magellan in October 1994.

Conspiracy theorists claim that several images show geometric structures that are impossible to form naturally.

They claim that these structures resemble artificial constructions created by an intelligent and highly advanced civilization.

One of many explanations is that Venus could be inhabited by aliens capable of surviving in a rather inhospitable environment.

We must remember that Venus is much hotter than Earth: the Magellanic probe determined that 85% of the Venusian surface is covered by volcanoes, with a temperature of 864 degrees.

The conclusion reached by scientists is that no life form on our planet could adapt to such conditions.

It’s not the first time NASA has been accused of hiding data about extraterrestrial life.

In the past, they were said to abruptly cut off several transmissions shortly after the appearance of unidentified flying objects.

UFO hunters are convinced that these strange objects are ships from alien civilizations far more advanced than our own.

Furthermore, they argue that NASA doesn’t want anyone to discover the existence of intelligent life on other planets. What do you think?

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