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A giant martian race could inhabit the red planet in the past

It is believed that through unconventional methods, the governments of the world discovered that a gigantic martian race inhabited the red planet in the past.

Giant Alien Race pode ter habitado Marte no passado
Supposed fossilized microscopic organisms from Mars.

Today, it is impossible to deny that Mars was a world teeming with life. However, new discoveries reveal that it was once inhabited by a giant alien race.

The former director of NASA, during an announcement, publicly acknowledged that there was life on Mars. Although days later it was said that the ad had been for “not to lose budget”, it is clear that there is some truth behind it all.

Alleged evidence of life on Mars
A few years ago, the European space probe Mars discovered a lake of liquid water less than a kilometer deep.

As you know, water is essential for life. For microbial organisms to survive, vital fluid is needed.

If such organisms are found on the red planet, it would be a landmark discovery. But recapping Martian history, haven’t microbes been found on Mars yet?

In the year 84, a meteorite approximately 450 million years old was discovered in Antarctica. Later study concluded that it came from Mars.

The hypothesis that emerged was that, after some impact on Mars, a part of its surface broke off. This one wandered around, being attracted by the force of Earth’s gravity.

The impact was in the Allan Hills Crater, and fossilized microscopic organisms were discovered. These, surprisingly, came from the red planet.

It is obvious that space agencies are already aware that Mars has life forms. It was so shocking that it caused NASA to reconsider the published results of the 1976 investigation for organic life on the Martian surface.

giant alien race?

Giant Alien Race pode ter habitado Marte no passado
Possible trace of a giant alien race.

This made the oddities found in the Martian explorations, which were considered simple theories, take on a much more serious tone.

Geological formations, strange transmissions, traces of structures, among others.

One of the most shocking pieces of evidence is a CIA document, which shows that the United States, through the intelligence agency, found the remains of an ancient giant extraterrestrial race.

The file was found in 1984, and explains that the discovery was made through remote viewing, by people with “special abilities”.

Remote viewing is “seeing” with the mind, far beyond what can normally be observed. Thus, they reached inaccessible places in the Solar System.

Specialists explored the Cydonia area on Mars. Declassified documents showed the person responsible for these visions. A guy they called “Sub”.

Sub achieved episodes of history that were on a level of collective consciousness and akashic recordings.

Thus, the CIA discovered that Mars was a living world, and that it was home to a giant alien race, which was very advanced.

The documents also showed locations with their exact coordinates where these life forms inhabited. Supposedly, there are still some inhabiting that arid, radioactive wasteland that is Mars today, trying to escape so they don’t die.

Something hard to believe, but still worrying, especially when we take the latest discoveries that really confirm that Mars was a “twin” planet to Earth.

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