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“Sky Stones”: Proof that Aliens Visited West Africa?

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In 1990, a geologist named Angelo Pitoni obtained strange blue stones from a Fula chieftain in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The tribe had a saying that diamonds are stars that fell from the sky. Pitoni joked that if the stars fell, then the sky must have fallen too, and the people responded with a yes.

"Pedras do Céu": Prova de que Alienígenas visitaram a África Ocidental?
A sample of a “Sky Stone”.

After that, the local shaman took him to a place where there were some pieces of unidentified blue stones. When he dug deeper, Pitoni found over 200 kg of rock that was not in a natural formation, but rather pyramid-shaped. The tribe claimed that the stones came from otherworldly visitors. They claimed that the stones fell from the sky.

Pitoni returned to Europe carrying the stones and sent them for testing.

Tests reported that the stones did not match any known minerals. The researchers were unable to explain the blue color of the stones. When a piece of stone was reduced to fine particles and viewed under a microscope, no blue color could be seen. Neither extreme heat could alter the stones nor could acid dissolve them.

Subsequent results showed that 77.17% of the stones were oxygen, the rest was carbon, calcium and yet, a part of it was an unknown compound. The age of the sky stones is estimated at 55,000 years.

Pitoni has certainly been seen in photographs along with the blue rocks in the sky, but getting concrete evidence of his life is next to impossible. Online stories suggested that he was somehow involved with the CIA, a secret agent, an explorer of the Amazon jungles and discoverer of a Mayan city. American artist and designer Collins was seen holding a briefcase made up of samples of the sky stones in “The Star Gods of Sirius”.

Finally, the mystery of the Sky Stones seemed to come to an end when prestigious institutions are carrying out tests on them. Collins has been trying to get a sample of the stones since he first saw them in Hong Kong in 2013. A gem dealer who had possession of the stones told him a strange story that the stones came from the sky and he tested them at GRS Swisslabs. by Dr. Preet.

After months of waiting, the results said the researchers were unable to determine its composition and ended up declaring it unidentifiable.

Collins tried to get the samples, but the dealer refused. He tried his luck at Erich Von Daniken\’s museum, the Mystery Park, in Interlaken, Switzerland, where a sample of the stones was on display. The museum also did not agree to sell the samples.

As a last resort, Collins got back in touch with the same dealer in Hong Kong. To his surprise, he agreed this time and told Collins that the test letter was also available if he wanted it.

Along with the stones, he narrated the story of how the stones arrived in Hong Kong. The gemstone dealer received the stones from an Italian named Vijay, whom he had met twice, once in India and later during a seminar in Italy.

At the seminar, Vijay showed him a sample of a Sky Stone that he had obtained from his friend, the same Angelo Pitoni. In correspondence with Collins, the gem dealer told him that Vijay believed the stone came from the star Sirius B.

Angelo Pitoni.

Collins took the Skystone sample to the University of Washington\’s Earth and Space Sciences division for testing on March 6, 2019. To ensure the research was unbiased, he never told the university what exactly they were examining. The researchers have been told that they are researching stones that fell from the sky and were found under the Earth.

After years of research, he discovered that the stones were nothing like anything on Earth. It seems that the “Stones of the Sky of Pitoni” are really something unusual.

There is no evidence that e̳x̳t̳r̳a̳t̳e̳r̳r̳e̳s̳t̳r̳i̳a̳l̳s brought the stones to Earth, but it is still strong and convincing evidence to think about.

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