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A Tornado occurs on the Chichen Itza Pyramid in Yucatan. The frightened visitors said: “Kukulkan is angry”

Alien & UFO Ancient History

Yesterday March 22, 2019, during a visit to the ruins of Chichen Itza, in Yucatan, a small tornado appeared in front of the visitors, who were afraid and said “Kukulkan is angry”.
Viewers pointed out that this event was very strange considering it happened after experiencing the spring equinox day.

About 14,000 people, including domestic and foreign tourists, came to this A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ Mayan city to witness the archaeo-astronomical phenomenon of the vernal equinox.

In addition to this shocking apparition, those present were fascinated by the beauty and the way in which the ceremony in front of the pyramid was organized, which thanks to the effects of the shadows with the Sun, like every year, the descent of Kukulkan heralds the beginning of the spring. At the point 3:15 pm, the first of the seven isosceles triangles of light that shape the body of the Mayan deity began to form.

Then, at 5:00 pm, Kukulkan began to fade, fading along with the twilight, leaving the promise to return, like every spring and for thousands of years. The demonstration of the tornado in front of thousands of people shortly after the ceremony drew Mexican experts, declaring that: Kukulkan is back and he is angry ”.

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