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Rocks On The Moon Moving By Themselves Avoiding Craters

This isn’t one of the common strange Moon phenomena, such as Lunar UFOs or Aliens watching astronauts from the craters’ edges.

On the Moon’s surface, there exist actual rocks (assuming that’s what they are). That’s because these so-called rocks are veering away from craters and leaving what can only be characterized as swerved tracks. The direction it took is shown in yellow letters in the image below this post. To get the entire image, click on the links below.

Video: Rocks On The Moon Moving By Themselves Avoiding Craters 1

This isn’t typical, and don’t forget that there’s something on the Moon that you’d assume would behave differently. Because there is no atmosphere, gravity, or anything like that, but there are some similarities, such as the evident indication that the Moon orbits Earth due to the gravitational force of the Earth. This is due to Newton’s third law, which states that if the Earth exerts a force on the Moon, the Moon should exert an equal and opposite force on the Earth. Check out this link to the College Physics website.

Video: Rocks On The Moon Moving By Themselves Avoiding Craters 2

This isn’t a tumbling ball of weeds as in the Wild West, nor is it a meteorite crashing into the Moon and falling to its final place. These so-called “rocks,” to use a vague term, Because these are brilliantly white, reflective things that are leaving walking footprints. And by examining its shape from above, as well as its shadow and the shape of that large shadow. This should not, under any circumstances, leave a human-like imprint in its wake. It’s all really odd because it’s tall but has a narrow breadth. However, it is leaving tracks that are not consistent with a rectangle-shaped “rock.”

This magnificent Moon image depicts everything, and when we consider what’s been proposed, it’s absolutely correct! With only a rudimentary understanding of how objects in space weigh next to nothing. I simply can’t see this as a normal everyday object subject to gravity and the effects of the atmosphere, among other things. Because it isn’t in that realm of reality, to put it that way.


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