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Huge BEAM OF LIGHT was photographed in the magical city of Real de Catorce, Mexico

A huge beam of light was captured last Tuesday (8 September 2020) in the magical city of Real de Catorce. Specialists assure that it is an energy that comes out of the earth, while other researchers declare that it is a beam of light of a powerful energy that comes from the sky, connected with the sacred places of the area. This unique photograph was captured by Felipe Frías Saucedo and went viral within minutes.

Interviewed on this phenomenon by UFO researcher Carlos Clemente, Felipe Frías Saucedo is a tour guide accredited by the Secretary of Tourism. Thus Felipe said during the interview: “around 9 pm on Tuesday 8 September 2020 I captured the image with my mobile phone, it is the second time I have seen such a phenomenon; I investigated and they explained to me that what you see in the image is an energy portal

Felipe recalled that about ten years ago the flash of light appeared in the same direction, only it was a little later in the night, but not having a mobile phone, the image could not be captured, but luckily this time it was possible. . Frías Saucedo explained that the flash of light lasted about a minute and according to the data obtained by experts, this light is a release of energy from the earth, “it is a prodigious sign that the place is energetically very strong and its appearance is approximately where is the sacred mountain, ”Felipe said.

From the analyzes carried out by the technicians on photography, it emerges that the image was taken without a flash, with a mobile phone and that it is not a photographic effect. The natural phenomenon is excluded, such as that of lightning or dust on the photographic apparatus of the phone itself. Another indication that the phenomenon is real, the fact that the BEAM OF LIGHT has been seen with the naked eye. Is it therefore a bundle of energy connected with the opening of Dimensional Portals?


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