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UFO Flying 2 Meters Above The Ground Captured By Security Cameras

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An unusual and unexplained UFO sighting occurred just a few days ago, on March 13, 2021, near Orlando, Florida, USA.

A surveillance camera captured incredible footage at night of a mysterious thing flying low and quite close to an animal.

In the first case, a deer is seen grazing in front of the security camera when an unexplained item passes by at a slow speed.

When we compare the various sizes of this weird item, we can say that it is around one meter broad, and the likely dark region in the center of the unusual object is possibly a window.

The camera that filmed the occurrence was placed five or two feet above the ground, and the most interesting aspect of the event is that the deer remained unaffected by the passage of this unexplained flying object.

As a result, it demonstrates that it does not generate any noise, no sound that alerts the animal, and another intriguing truth is that not even a tiny breeze awakened the deer’s stampede interest.

What might we be up against? Is this a CGI montage?


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