New CROP CIRCLE shows CIP – InterPlanetary Contact

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A new crop circle has appeared! The pictogram that occurred in a private wheat field shows the central word JP or CIP!

The new pictogram appeared on the morning of 15-06-2021, in a wheat field on Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire, UK. Anyone who is familiar with my 22-year work interpreting this crop circle language will be able to understand this contact. Who does not know will not understand the message. But I already understood what he wanted (to me) to say.

The stylized letters JP appear in the center of a pattern of circles or waves in opposite movements, suggesting a meeting in SIX DAYS, which takes us, once again, to the date of the June Solstice, 6 days from now, falling on day 21.

Three other previous crop circles did the same count, repeating the same day: June 21, 2021.

In this new crop circle, we see a larger circle, in the field of the letter J, lateral, and from it, two fronts of six waves that move in opposite directions, and meet in the field of the letter P, at the other end. If these waves represent the six days until June 21, it should be an encounter with the star peoples, an interplanetary contact.

The messages of the crop circles are like telegrams and, received and interpreted, prepare us for a conscious encounter.

Since 2014, I have begun to understand the relationship between Valiant Thor, leader of Venus, and the crop circles as coming from that planet and the c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ under its leadership.
Since then I have also performed several crop circles with the “signature” T or VT.

Important detail:
Since 2016, when I started publishing my works on the Internet (personal page, website and other pages) I have always signed my slides and texts with the initials JP.
This is the first crop circle with a JP signature.

By inverting the crop circle, we have the appearance of the letters CIP, which can be interpreted as INTERPLANETARY CONTACT (in this case Earth-Venus)

And he also repeats JP, in another style. But repeat. Almost like those images that look identical in both directions.

I think I am prepared.
May those who come come in Christ\’s Name.
This is all I need to know.

I have known for a long time that this day would come. And for him I prepared myself in every way, in spirit and heart, in intellect and mind, in conscience and purpose.
Let the mission begin.

Some are already saying that this JP crop circle could be a logo of some human-made commercial advertisement. Looking for the logos of the most popular brands, I did not find similar. Since this crop circle has not lived up to standards, many consider it a human work, a commercial logo and a kind of advertisement.

It has happened several times that some authentic crop circles use human symbols also known to send messages to be deciphered with the key of analogies. And many times it has already happened that some companies seize these crop circles as of their own paternity, even if they are not, in the certainty that no ALIEN will come here to charge for copyright, at least for now. After all, free advertising, everyone wants it!

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